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Strength training is the fastest way to:
Lose fat
Boost libido
Gain muscle

With the right coach and mentor, we can work together to find out what exercise plan is best for you.
Avoid injuries, wasted time and effort. Invest in yourself to become a new you!
Example of goals:
Reach a new personal record in 4 weeks
Lose 1-3% body fat in 4-8 weeks
Lower your resting heart rate in 1-4 weeks

I specialize in using the most effective training methods:
Yoga and Tai Chi for restoration of body and mind
Martial Arts for mental health, focus and stamina(Boxing, kickboxing, MMA)
Weightlifting and Powerlifting for brute strength and physique

The science is clear: strength training and exercise will heal aches and pains, it takes you out of depression and it burns fat in as little as 20 minutes, if done correctly.

Already training? Need help getting past your plateau? Let's figure it out! is a nonprofit organization that is here to help the community live better.
Send a message with these questions answered and we'll get back to you ASAP
1. Age, weight and height
2. Lifelong experience in health and fitness
3. Goals and interests
4. Injuries or important health problems
5. Gym memberships or home equipment
6. Nutrition habits (How many carbs, protein, fat do you consume, do you drink water?)
7. You preference for group training or personal training

If you are flat broke, we can still help you. Our schedule fills up really fast. Send a message RIGHT NOW.
Ladies, let's fix that ass.
Guys, let's activate your beast mode.

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Basic Strength
These 8 exercises should be done 3-5 days a week, 1-3 sets per day.
High intensity for at least 20 minutes or medium intensity for at least 45 minutes
5-10 minutes warmup with explosive movements (jumping jacks, burpees) and cool down with stretching or light cardio (light jog and yoga)
Start with lower body exercises and work your way up to the upper body
1. Squats. Feet shoulder width apart, back straight. Squat as low as you possibly can. 8-15 reps
2. Calf raises/Shrugs combo. Combining these two saves time. 8-15 reps
3. Deadlifts. 5-12 reps
4. Overhead Press. Careful not to use too much leg movement to assist or extending the spine too much. 5-12 reps
5. Bent-over Rows. From the top of the deadlift position, bend over and bend knees. Pull the weight to your chest while keeping your back straight. 5-12 reps
6. Bench Press. Hands just outside shoulder width. When lifting the weight, imagine breaking the bar. 5-12 reps
7. Bicep Curls. Palms up when coming up, palms down when going down. 5-12 reps
Do not do something that hurts excessively, but remember: GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and LIFT THAT SHIT!!
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