Computer Repair and Cleaning (Lodi)

Is your computer acting weird? Did you just buy a new part but don't know how to install it? Has it been awhile since you dusted out your PC and the fans sound like a hairdryer? I can quickly and safely help with all of these issues!

I have years of experience working with various computers, smartphones, and other pieces of tech. Now I'm offering my services locally on craigslist. However, if I know I won't be able to help you, I will tell you before-hand so neither of us will waste our time. You can see my work and knowledge at http://www.hxchector.com and http://www.youtube.com/hxchector

Unfortunately I do not do remote repairs. All of my tools and hardware are with me at home. You can leave your items with me or wait in my room while I work. Prices vary depending on service. Willing to negotiate on currency (tree?).

*Dust/Dirt Cleaning - $20: I will safely blow out and wipe away all dirt and dust from your computer parts and fans.

*Virus Removal - $40: I will remove any and all viruses and malware that might be affecting your Windows computer.

*Update/Optimization - $40: I will update all programs and drivers on your computer, and I will optimize the programs on your operating system so your computer can run quickly and efficiently.

*HDD/SSD Backup - $30: Create a full backup of your current hard disk drive or SATA solid state drive onto an entirely new HDD/SSD. You must provide the extra drive.

*File Transfer/Copy - $10: I will transfer files from one type of storage to another. Transfer pictures and videos to USB to send to your family for a special occasion. You must provide the flash drive.

*Part Installation - $10-$100: I will install a part into your computer. Example: CPU, GPU, WiFi card, CPU cooler and radiator, fans, capture card, HDD, SSD. The price varies depending on the complexity of the part. If it's attaching something to the motherboard and chassis, it'll be in the lower price region. However, if the installation requires routing cables, screwing in various pieces, or setting up necessary software for the hardware to work, the price will increase.

*Build or Transfer a PC - $75: I will take the computer parts you have purchased and build it into a fully functioning PC.

*Photo Scan - $0.30 per picture: I will scan the photos you bring to create a digital back up. Average picture specifications are 2048x2048, 600 dpi, and 24 bit color.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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