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Sooo if you love being sold expired,old,nasty product, this is your best bet at getting that! Not only can you purchase expired hair color, majority of the shampoo and other styling aids have been on the shelves for years!! Every product, no matter what it may be has a expiration date. For products such of what a salon would sell, including nail polish, there is a small picture of a jar and a number, this usually means after you open this products container, it has a shelve life of 12 months, or whatever the number may be. Like I said before, the hair dye, which any cosmetologist would know, is clear in color, which means it's new....However majority of Sir Guaan's hair color, is a brown color...which means it's no longer good. This is still being sold as if it was new, not only would that fuck up your hair, I can only imagine how many customers have bought this old expired dye and had horrible scalp reactions, due to it being expired. I myself can't drink milk past the expiration date, let alone put something on my scalp that would destroy my hair. With that being said, shampoo and other things like hairspray, has been brought back from the 80's! The original owner, is a beyond pack rat and had hairspray and other product sitting in his garage or shed...which mind you was infested with rats and mold..for maybe 20 years? Or however long it would take rust to accumulate on the hairspray cans... you be the judge. Anyways, this lovely owner took it upon himself to bring the disgusting old dusty, moldy, rat poop cover boxes of this product and had the employees unload it on the shelves for full resale price!absolutely disgusting, because of how old the product was, it no longer had shampoo consistency, which usually would be thick and creamy.....not watery and smell like old clay....and hairspray so old, smells of pure alcohol... shall I continue? So I mentioned earlier.... the nail polish also has a expiration date on it as well... for the OPI fans, these polishes are used all the time by the employees, who paint their fingers and toes with these polishes... which mind you is super unsanitary, let alone these polishes wich have already been used are now expired due to being opened and used. But the new owner believes everything should and can be sold even if it's no good. Buyers beware. So they have a wonderful policy, which if you buy any hair product and don't like it, as long as it's half full they will do a full exchange and you can get a new bottle of whatever you may need.... the manager Erika V, is supposed to be in charge and send these used products back to the company and then the company will replace whatever was returned.... although that's not the case. Instead, they shake and feel how full the bottles are and if it feels full enough, the used product is thrown back out for full resale price, even though it's no longer a new bottle of shampoo or what have you. Not only that, she takes it upon herself to give her religious rights employees freebies of what should have been returned in the first place. When paying high price for high end hair product, I expect to have a brand new bottle never opened..... which at sir Gauuans is hit or miss. It's like a box of chocolates,"you never know what you are going to get". So the orginal owners son.... Shawn Guaan is the new owner. I must say is one of the most unprofessional buissnes owners I have ever met.... this man is a complete womanizer. A while back, another yelp review was posted and it spoke of how shawn continuously looked and leered at one of his young female worker, making disgusting sexual jokes twards her and offering for her to take a swim in his pool at his house... mind you he's 50 something years old, getting at a 20 year old, FUCKING DISGUSTING AND REVOLTING! I would highly suggest to any young girl who doesn't want to be sexual harassed, DON'T WORK FOR THIS DISGUSTING PIG WOMANIZER. HE STARES AT EVERY FEMALE CUSTOMER THAT WALKS FOOT IN HIS STORE AND PLAYS LIKE HE'S SOME BIG SHOT WHO OWNS IT! HIS DADDY STILL OWNS THIS BUISSNES AND BUILT IT! HE TAKES CREDIT FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN'T BUILD OR MAKE. AND WITHIN THE SHORT YEAR AFTER TAKING OVER IS ABOUT TO GO BANKRUPT! Some may have noticed the store had become extremely low on product and nothing seems to ever be restocked, it's due to the fact, that all the credit cards are being declined.... more than likely this post will be taken down by the new owner shawn Gauuan, like many of his other bad reveiws, which yes if you call yelp they can remove post of of yelp...
A poem to end my rant...
S. for sexual harasses
H. for how fucking old everything is in the salon
A. for what a big asshole he is
W. for what a womanizer he is
N. for how negligent he is as a buissnes owner.
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