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Hello everyone, my name Jason Brown. I am posting this ad for my wife Ann who has Polycystic kidney disease and needs a kidney donor to help her live. I would gladly donate mine, but unfortunately we are not a match so I am desperately trying to find anyone out there who may help us. We have been married for 20 years now with two kids, an 18 year old son named Van who just started college here in San Diego and a 9 year old daughter named Sammi who wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. My wife is an incredible woman who just graduated nursing school and has been working full time for the last month while on peritoneal dialysis. She has to hooked up to a machine every day for nine hours in order to keep her kidneys functioning, while balancing a family and a full time job. She has been on this machine for a while now and needs a kidney so she can have a normal life once again.

If you have blood type B positive, B negative, O positive or O negative and would like to see about donating the link below will take you to her webpage for the details where you can fill out a short form from the hospital that is overseeing her kidney treatment. And if you do not match or would like to help please post this ad to your social media or tell friends and family. Thanks for reading and god bless!
Her web page link:
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